Air conditioning and heating

Do you need help with the air conditioning and heating system of your home or business? If you live in Tarragona, you can contact Reformas Integrales Julio54 and we will come as soon as possible to take a look at it. Our company has many years in the sector of the reforms in general and we know how to give precise solutions with each client.

Professional services

In all these years we have achieved that many homes can have ideal conditions for living and we want to continue with this line for much longer. Therefore, we highlight some of the services we offer in relation to heating and air conditioning:

  • Heating systems: We install, repair and maintain these systems in good condition to ensure that your home or business always has the best possible temperature.

  • Solar energy: We take care of studying the situation of your terrace or rooftop to check if it is suitable for the installation of solar panels. If it is possible, we start with the installation as soon as possible.

  • Air conditioning: We are experts in working with air conditioning equipment, so do not wait any longer and call us if you notice that your system has a problem.

  • Air conditioning: We have specialized in the installation, repair and maintenance of air conditioners, which we place in homes, offices and commercial premises. Depending on the dimensions, we recommend one device or another.

  • Underfloor heating: These solutions are increasingly in demand and show that they are quite effective to achieve an ideal temperature throughout the house. If you want to install underfloor heating, just ask us.

  • Gas: We are experts in the installation and repair of gas heating systems. In addition, we check the installations to ensure that they are safe.


    Boilers: We work with precise tools to solve any incident you may have with your boiler.

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