Electrical and plumbing

Did you know that in Reformas Integrales Julio54 we are specialists in electrical and plumbing repairs? We have been in this sector for many years and we have become a reference to solve incidents of this type. We are located in Cambrils and we provide services throughout the Tarragona area.

Quality services

Our company has a large staff with electricians and plumbers able to solve any job with all the guarantees. In addition, we always meet deadlines and stand out for offering prices adjusted to all budgets. These are some of our outstanding services:

  • Electricity: We are experts in everything that has to do with electrical systems, whether it is an installation, repair or maintenance work. Therefore, you can call us to change a plug or the entire electrical installation of a house.

  • Solar energy: We have the know-how to install solar panels, although before we make a study to determine the place where we place them. In fact, this solution is quite adequate, even more so in a place like Cambrils, where the good weather reigns all year round.

  • Entry phones: We look after your security with the installation of entry phones so that you always know who wants to enter your home.

    Lighting: You can call us to carry out any work of installation of lighting systems, as we adapt to all needs.

  • Plumbing: We offer complete plumbing services, highlighting both the urgency and good responsiveness in cases of broken pipes or faucets failures.

  • Toilets and faucets: We change these elements in just a few hours. In fact, we can change all the faucets in your home in just a few days.

  • Showers: We are experts in reforms, and one of them is the change of bathtub for shower tray, adjusting everything related to plumbing.

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