General reforms

In Reformas Integrales Julio54 we love that the clients call us to give them a change to their life with a good work. And is that the general reforms are necessary at certain times of life, Here we come with a first class services, which stand out for their efficiency and good price.

Company of reforms in Tarragona

Our employees have extensive knowledge to carry out reforms with maximum guarantees. In this way, you can call us both to make a complete work as to make any other minor repair. These are some of our services:

  • Reforms in general: You can call us to make works in houses as well as in offices, commercial premises or hotels. You ask and we will adapt to your needs.

  • Lighting: We have specialists in electricity, which are able to make a complete installation of a lighting system.

  • Aluminum: We install aluminum of all sizes, especially in terraces or roofs.

  • Screens: We are specialists in the installation of screens in bathrooms.

  • Kitchens: If you want to change the kitchen, now is the time to do it, call us and we will give you lots of ideas!

  • Bathrooms: With this service we transform the bathrooms completely and make them much more comfortable for our clients.

  • Floors: You can call us to change the floor of your house, either marble or wood.

  • Swimming pools: We have a special swimming pool construction service with all the details.

  • Plasterboard: We can build walls or put false ceilings thanks to plasterboard.

  • Masonry: We are experts and creative with all masonry orders.

  • Carpentry: If you need custom furniture, you can order it from our company.

  • Ceilings: We install ceilings with maximum security in both homes and businesses.

  • Painting: You can call us to paint any room, regardless of its size.

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